There is so much to soak in at The Hibiscus. Ample greens spaces for a start.

Life in big cities is fast-paced, fun and exciting. There are countless job opportunities and activities to occupy your time but, the urban lifestyle often necessitates living in a crowded metropolitan. Not so with the Hibiscus by SS Group, where tranquility and nature are your neighbours.

More open space per person
Soak in ample green spaces at The Hibiscus to reflect and make connection with nature. With just 20 homes per acre and spread across 13.5 acre, The Hibiscus offers more space per person for exclusivity and openness like nowhere else in the heart of the city. Both, the homes and the complex are very generous with space.

Take a stroll in the complex
The curated greens and pathways of the complex offer pedestrian friendly and green friendly spaces and pathways for a walk, jog or to simply loosen up after a tiring day. There are ample greens, paved walkways and cozy sit-outs for toddlers to enjoy or the elderly to meet, chat and walk.

Home is where pool is
Whether you swim for exercise or for sheer pleasure, the pool at The Hibiscus provides a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere to unwind. Cool off your day with a dip in a resort like swimming pool flanked by party lawns and life-like sculpture for a mesmerizing view.

Every day to the gym
With a well-equipped gym, complete with top end sauna and steam facilities, your excuse for not working out ends right at your doorsteps at The Hibiscus. Whether you are new to fitness or a seasoned athlete you will find yourself fulfilled, be it functional fitness or high intensity training.

Give sports a try
Along with generosity of space and openness like nowhere else, experience an array of sport options. The Hibiscus has tennis courts and a half basketball court, which are well illuminated to be enjoyed well after sun down as well; badminton court, cricket net, and table tennis to choose from.

Celebrate life
The central courtyard at The Hibiscus is a true social hub in the complex for its residents to meet and bond. Be it festival celebrations, birthday parties, a movie under the stars (a-la driveway style) or simply one of the many resident engagement activities organized by the estate managers; it all happens here.


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